Cocubes is a popular name that connects the colleges and the corporates. Yes, the students passing out from technical and non-technical fields can now easily get a job after completing their final year exam. This is possible with the help of the body named as Cocubes. It is the time to have a look at the Cocubes registration and pattern. Today, even colleges are taking the initiative to register for the Cocubes examination. You can get all help from your authority. Some colleges are already registered to Cocubes. In such a case, you must ask them to send your data to the website.

Cocubes Registration, Test Pattern, Exam Fee & Syllabus

What to do if your colleges are not registered with Cocubes?

Cocubes registration and pattern
Cocubes registration and pattern

There is always the first time to everything. The registration with Cocubes is not an exception over here. You must approach your training and placement officer. Your placement in charge will send all the details to the website of cocubes. It is important to follow the Cocubes registration and pattern right away. You can also register for the Cocubes exam today.

What is the Cocubes registration process?

You need to enter the official website at first. There will be an option for the register. Click on the register or sign up option. You need to complete all details of your personal and contact information. There is a support team that will always be ready to help you out. You can also send email to Once the registration is completed, you need to click the login option. Enter your user id and password. There will be an option for the pre-assess test. You get the opportunity for job application for one year after the registration. But, it is important to pay registration fees. You can also enroll AMCAT registration which is a similar exam to Elimtus. Check out AMCAT syllabus.

Cocubes examination pattern

You will face 6 modules in Cocubes pre-access examination pattern. Following is the list:

  • Computer fundamentals – total questions – 15 and time allotted is 15 minutes
  • Coding module – number of questions- 3, time allotted is 30 minutes
  • Written English test – number of question – 1, time 25 minutes
  • Aptitude module – total questions – 45, time allotted- 45 minutes
  • Psychometric module – total questions- 50, time allotted – 12 minutes
  • Domain module – total questions – 20, time allotted- 20 minutes

You must check out the Cocubes registration and pattern right away. This is going to be your first step in career prospect. It is really important for to check out the complete details regarding the exam and things related to it.

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