Here we made the list of colleges that don’t require ACT or SAT scores for admissions. If you are not a great test taker failed after taking ACT or SAT? Don’t worry even genius may sometimes give poor on the tests. So as the standards of the Tests are not defined by the intelligence or the skill as a student and colleges. Nearly 150 American colleges and universities are now testing optional. Catch up few compiled list of few awesome test-optional colleges.

Colleges that don’t require SAT or ACT scores for Admission:

Colleges that don't require sat or act scores for admission
Colleges that don’t require sat or act scores for admission
  1. Pitzer College – Pitzer College is both highly ranked and highly selective. They’ll accept your test scores if you choose to send them, They have made the test-optional college in 2003.
  2. New York University – NWY is also considered in this list when compared with other schools.
  3. Hampshire College – The college don’t take care even if you score perfect 2400, They will look for interest, applicant’s transcripts, extracurriculars and essays of standardized test scores.
  4. Lewis & Clark College – It will allow applicants to showcase their academic strengths through writing, math, or science samples, and teacher recommendations.
  5. The University of Texas at Austin – 
  6. Cornell College – Recently joined in the test-optional college’s list
  7. Arizona State University – Instead of test scores, applicants can submit creative work, including photo journals and creative writing
  8. American University 
  9. Montana State University –  Then Montana State University’s a good choice. It’s also one of the more flexible schools mentioned in the list
  10. George Washington University – This university has a politically-active student body, Students has the right to choose, Students can submit irrelevant to their scores it won’t affect the admission decision.
  11. Holyoke College and Smith College
  12. Wake Forest University
  13. Sarah Lawrence College
  14. Berklee College of Music
  15. Colorado College
  16. Fairfield University
  17. Lewis and Clark College
  18. Union College

Even though some colleges have optional tests, Still many require your standardized test scores.Some colleges recommend don’t require certain tests, some colleges exempt applicants to meet GPA or class rank. Few will consider the SAT and ACT scores for the placement purposes. It is always better to visit colleges website to see their testing requirements. There will be thousands of students who may not score excellent score, Luckily for the hundreds of colleges have de-emphasized standardized tests.

Students are advised to look after this list which is not for the weak students, Rather it is for strong students who simply failed in fulfilling the standardized tests.

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