Are you seeking a job in IT industry? It is mandatory to sit for an entrance examination. Litmus is the name used for this purpose. It is important to have a look at Elitmus syllabus. According to the syllabus, you can easily go ahead with the preparation schedule. We are going to discuss the registration procedure, fees and minimum percentile to get the interview calls. There are ample job opportunities in MNCs. The career aspect is also bright. You must sit for the Elitmus examination. The recruitment is done through the hiring of Elitmus entrance examination. Even the MNCs and corporates prefer candidates with a score of this entrance examination. You will get an increased chance of employment once you sit for such examination. You will give birth to a new career after experiencing such tests.

Elitmus Syllabus for ECE, EEE, CSE, IT & Mech Branches @

Elitmus syllabus
Elitmus syllabus

PH test is also known as the hiring potential test. This is conducted by the body called Elitmus. Today, the employers have made this examination a criterion for their recruitment process. You must know about several sections of this examination. Normally it contains 3 parts. Those are:

  • Quantitative section
  • Reasoning section
  • Verbal section

How is the Elitmus result declared?

There are two formats in which the result of Elitmus examination is declared. One format is known as the percentile score. Another one is called the total score.  Different company has diverse ways of accepting the tests scores. Some will consider the percentile sore whereas other will prefer the total score. You must know about what exactly the authority wishes. You can also enroll AMCAT registration which is a similar exam to Elimtus. Check out AMCAT syllabus.

Preparation of Elitmus  exam

The examination is not that easy. Thus, you must be very spontaneous and hardworking to get the preparation done. The Elitmus syllabus is something you must consider seriously. There are some tips for preparation that you must consider here. Once you enter to the official website, you can know the details. You can also find the Elitmus exam dates. Once the date of exam clicked in your head, you can proceed with the preparation more seriously. It is always good to collect the sample papers and start preparation. You can easily get the syllabus for the branches civil, EEE, CSE, it, mechanical engineering etc. There is an arrangement of practice test online. Those are known as the mock test. Most people have qualified with good marks after repeated practice through these mock tests.

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