Few companies conduct the JAM round to shortlist the candidates who came for the job interview. JAM is the acronym of “Just A Minute.” As the name says, the candidate should speak on a given topic for a minute. Here we are providing you the JAM (Just A Minute) Topics which can help you for an interview.

JAM Just A Minute Topics:

Self Confidence: Self-confidence is the key to achieve success. It plays the primary role in everyone’s life. A person with self-confidence appears very attractive in a group. If a person lacks the confidence, then he/she cannot achieve anything in his life. If a person comes out of his shell or if he/she overcomes the shyness and shares his/her views without any fear then it is called as Self-confidence. To survive in the competitive world one should be confident. There is a fragile line between self-confidence and overconfidence. Overconfidence never gives peace or success to us whereas self-confidence can bring success and happiness to our doorstep. (At last share your own experience where you have projected the confidence).

JAM Important Topics
JAM Important Topics

Role Of Women In Society: Women plays a very crucial role in all our lives. Nowadays women are equal to men. In fact, I can say women are great than men in every aspect. They can handle both professional and personal life with an ease. Women should be educated because if she is educated then we can say that whole family is educated. She will be an example for coming generations. Women will never fail in fulfilling their responsibilities. Men should not abuse their wives or they should not force her to abort the child. Women should be treated as a human like everyone because women are responsible for the families. And families make the society. Women should be given equal rights, and she should be educated to contribute to the society. So making a nation without women is a dream which will never be fulfilled. Women are the inherent part of our society.

JAM Important Topics:

  1. Global Warming
  2. Illiteracy
  3. Favourite Place/Sport
  4. Politics
  5. Current Affairs
  6. Demonetization
  7. Current Technologies
  8. Women Education
  9. Team Work
  10. Role Model

The JAM session is conducted for a minute only. Try to share your views confidently. Make eye contact with the HR and don’t talk unnecessary additional points. Always remember you should be confident and you should share your aspects relevant to the topics. Never distract from the issue. Improve your communication skills.


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