What is Campus Commune?

TCS company have created its own portal called Campus Commune.It is an interactive communication portal where the candidates need to register themselves. The Campus Commune consists of interactive web-based pre-joining courses which have to be finished prior to joining. You can involve in technical, verbal modules and also many quizzes. After completing these tasks you will get the points and also awards on finishing the several tasks and also a milestone.

People working in TCS will be directly connected to this portal so candidates can ask their doubts to them. It’s like a selection process where candidates will be selected according to their performances before prior joining. Based on your performance in various modules in campus commune, Candidates will get their call letter. Campus Commune is a forum where you can ask questions and get answers.

TCS Campus Commune:


Based on TCS Campus Commune Register

TCSAL developed a collaborative and social platform called Campus Commune. This is one of the official and professional websites, where the candidates can easily interact with the people. The candidates can share their post views, share information, clear your doubts and also if any issues they can be addressed. TCS campus commune is a place where scholars get to engage with the TCSers and also with peers. This campus commune helps students to get the company information.This commune also provides them to carry logical and smart discussions on various topics. The campus commune also hosts the very exciting topics which are similar to a variety of topics like engineering, business domains and also tech. Interactions on the platform happen through channels.

Use of Campus Commune

Once you register into Campus commune you will be awarded 1 point which is to score more points. In this portal candidates can post their questions. Once they post their questions it should get approved by the group administrator. Then your post will be displayed on the site.Always make sure to ask logical, technical and innovative questions in your group. If you score more points, then TCS Portal will trace your account and also its frequency.

TCS Campus Commune Uses

  • You can ask questions about your own interest and get the answers from experts and also know information from them.
  • If you score more points you have good opportunity to know about the new technical stuff.
  • You can know more about the company
  • Mind games like solving puzzles and crosswords which will test your mental ability are there.
campus commune
campus commune

How to ask questions on Campus Commune

  • Candidates must be sure to ask their questions on programming, latest technology, placements and recruiting modules etc.
  • The group admin will accept only the above-listed questions, Admin will not allow any questions based on other college subjects.
  • Each question carries 2 points, You will get the answers to your posts from experts or who are interested in it.
  • The main aim of the Campus Commune is to engage all the people to share the knowledge with each and everyone.

How to score points in Campus Commune

Are you interested now in registering your name in Campus Commune and are you eager to score more points in it? Here we are to help you to score more points

  • Cover all the topics and give the innovative answer.
  • Post innovative and technical stuff question make sure it should have some stuff.
  • Mostly Choose the answer which inspired you.
  • If you answer a question then you will get 2 points
  • For each LIKE you will get 1 point.

TCS Campus Commune Registration

Candidates who are interested to join TCS Campus Commune can register their names. It is a good platform where you can gain more knowledge and you will stay connected with experts.

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