Are you preparing for the job interview? Are you searching answers for frequently asked HR Questions? Here we are providing the TOP HR INTERVIEW QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS. HR interview round is most important round in a job interview process. HR is not easily impressed unless you are confident with your answers. After reading this article you can answer the most frequently asked HR Questions with an ease.

Top HR Interview Questions and Answers: Freshers & Experienced

TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF/INTRODUCE YOURSELF: Most commonly asked HR question. Keep yourself prepared with a unique answer. The following answer will give you an idea about how to answer this question.

ANSWER: My name is Anu. I’m from Hyderabad. I have completed my graduation from MGIT and I have completed my intermediate course from Sri Chaitanya College. My schooling was at St.Anns High School. Coming to my family, we are four in our family. My father has his own Business and my mother is a home-maker. My elder brother is working in Accenture. Coming to my hobbies, I love reading novels and listening to music. I never give up and try hard to achieve something which I have determined. This is my greatest strength. My goal is to be a successful person professionally and personally. I would love to help the poor who are in need. Finally, I need a platform where I can explore my knowledge and prove my skills. I will definitely work hard for the benefit of the organization which I am working for. I would love to work with your company. That’s all about me. Thank you (Tip: Finish with a pleasant smile on your face).

Top HR Interview Questions & Answers
Top HR Interview Questions & Answers

Why Should I Hire You?

Answer this question with full confidence. Search the answer in your inner self and be genuine. Here is a sample-

ANSWER: I am a strong team leader. I have organized many technical events at our college fest. I think I can lead a challenging team with full confidence and determination.

WHY DO YOU WANT TO WORK FOR OUR COMPANY?Answer this question carefully. Here is an example-

ANSWER: Your organization is well reputed and leading in the market. When I am getting such a big platform to explore my skills then why not?

Few more Important HR Interview Questions & Answers:


  •  This question is asked to check your commitment towards the career and also to know how long would you work for the company.
  • ANSWER: I would definitely want to see a graph growing high. I want to see myself in the position where I am the part of the great success of the organization.


 Just share your views genuinely.

  • ANSWER: When I learn something new at the end of the day and also when I work hard for what I have determined and achieve it finally then this is the success for me.


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