Fee reimbursement scholarship in the state of Telangana has been successfully implemented over the past few years. Now, it came with some new guidelines which are applicable to all the students who are currently willing to do their Graduation courses as well as for the students who are studying now. The applicants need to read them before you apply for this Telangana State Fee Reimbursement scholarship scheme.

Telangana State Fee reimbursement scholarship 2017-2018:

The main aim of this scholarship scheme is to make education available for all the students who cannot afford it. There are several students who stopped their studies even after they got good marks during their study period. The reason behind this is “money”. Many students from BC, SC, ST castes are unable to pay their college fee because of lack of money. So, our former Cheif Minister of United Andhra Pradesh, Dr. Y.S.Rajashekhar Reddy has started provided scholarships for the poor and deserved students.

Telangana Fee Reimbursement scheme 2017-2018 Guidelines:

After the separation of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, both the state Governments are continuing this scheme as it helped several students to fulfill their dream of studying Higher studies. This scheme has made education available to all the people. The only required criteria to get eligible for this scheme is “Desire to Study”. Now, this scheme has new guidelines to be followed by the students in order to be eligible for the Telangana State Fee Reimbursement scheme.

Telangana Fee Reimbursement Scheme New Guidelines:

The same rules which we need to follow from past are applicable along with the 371(D) implemented with it. Only local students of Telangana can apply for Telangana State Fee reimbursement scheme.  Students need to upload the educational details of them for the past 7 years along with the Aadhar card and other required certificates. The total fee will be paid by the Government if the student is from SC/ST caste. A BC studenty who get their rank below 10,000 is also eligible for this scheme.

Telangana Fee Reimbursement Guidelines Download:

You can read or download the New guidelines which are going to be implemented for Telangana state fee reimbursement scheme by clicking on the links available on this website. The guidelines will be in PDF format so, you can easily go through the points in quick time. The beneficiaries of this scheme are expected to be around 10-14 lakh students. Candidates need to maintain the educational requirements along with attendance percentage which needs to be fulfilled in order to renew their Fee reimbursement scheme.

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