Farmers are the backbone of the country. Agriculture is the primary sector in the country India. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mr. Yogi Adityanath has launched the official website for the UP Karz Mafi Application Form. The web-portal launched by the Uttar Pradesh government is So as to claim the loan amount for the farmer of the state Uttar Pradesh, this web portal has started for online access. Now, farmers who need the loan can waive through online registration. In this scheme, the Government of the Uttar Pradesh can give the loan to the small farmer of the Uttar Pradesh. Therefore the amount to waive for the loan is up to 1Lakh rupees only.

UP Karz Mafi Application Form:

On 10th August 2017, the online registration for the waive of the loan has started. The amount of the loan is  1Lakh rupees only. Also, in every district, the official administration of the Karz Mafi camps are started. In the camps, the farmer name who is eligible for the Karz Mafi will be announced. The farmer who is eligible for the Kisan Karz Maafi Yojna of the Uttar Pradesh can get the relaxation of the Rs.1 lakh amount.

How to Register for UP Karz Mafi Application Form Online:

Please read the protocols given below as we mentioned the details of the registration for the UP Karz Mafi Application Form Online Website.

  • Now the eligible farmers have to make the online registration.
  • Farmers must visit the official web-portal launched by the Government of the Uttar Pradesh and register online.
  • Visit the official web portal
  • Also, you can check the Sashandesh page to read.
  • Visit the policy page and have a look at the policy.
  • Directly click on Login / Registration Page form.
  • Now you create the login ID by mentioning the requisite information
  • Log in to the page by clicking on the link.

Key Points UP Karz Mafi Application Form Online:

  • The main aim of the Karz Mafi is to provide the relaxations in the loan amount to the farmer.
  • Through Karz Mafi, the Government of the Uttar Pradesh will waive the loan amount to the small farmers of the State.
  • You can do the online registration from 10th August 2017.
  • Only those farmers are eligible who take the loan before the 31st March 2016.
  • The loan amount which is to claim is only up to Rs.1Lakh.
  • You can also file the complaint and get any type of the information regarding the Loan after visiting the official web-portal.
  • It is very important to have the bank account in the name of the farmer.

Kisan Fasal Rin Mochan Yojna Important Numbers:

Nodal officer / District Agricultural Officer Mobile Number – 09235209436

District Manager – 9412626279

The Rin Mochan Yojana is active now. Applicants, those are from Uttar Pradesh are only applicable for the Karz Mafi.

Uttar Pradesh Karz Mafi Form:

Uttar Pradesh Karz Mafi started in the Uttar Pradesh by the Chief Minister Mr. Yogi Adityanath. Karz is the amount given as a Debt for the specific reason and for a particular time period. That debt is given by one party to another party. Also, if the debt is not returned at the given time then the lender who gave money has right either to proceed against him or forgive the loan of the person. More relevant is, The government will announce so many schemes time to time forgive the loan.

Similarly, in Uttar Pradesh, the State government has started to forgive the loan of the Farmer of the State. And the schemes are only applicable with some conditions under which the farmer can take the benefit of the scheme. So in Uttar Pradesh, the debt of Rs.1 Lakh will be waived out for the farmer.


The big decision was taken by the Yogi Adityanath in favor of the Farmer of the State. As per the report in the first cabinet meeting of the Government the proposal to forgive the debt of Rs.1 Lakh has been approved. The State government have to pay of Rs.36 Thousand crore of loan waiver.

UP Kisan Karz Mafi Application Form Download:

UP Kisan Karz Mafi approval will benefit about 2 Crore 15 lakh farmers of the State of Uttar Pradesh. Karz Mafi is a big relief for the family of the farmer. Also, it is a good move by the CM for encouraging the farmer towards the Agricultural side. As it was decided by the Government on Tuesday 4th April 2017.

Promise to Waiving off Loans:

It is sanctioned as the BJP leaders gave word at the time of the Campaign Speech. Also, they have promised that they will lower the burdens of farmers from the loan. As the time has come, they have to prove their words. And the New Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Mr. Yogi has announced that they will lower down the burden of the Loans. So after waiving the loan from the farmer, the farmer can move forward with new hope and also the government can easily enhance the agriculture sector in the Uttar Pradesh. The Whole Process of Karz Mafi is very simple for the Farmers. The Government also start the Karz Mafi Praman Patra (certificate) Distribution online. In this certificate, it is clearly mentioned that your Karz Mafi is active now. So, Farmers can harvest with new hope.

Here we have extracted the information about the UP Karz Mafi in order to help you. Please help the uneducated farmers and explain the process of waiving the loan and start-off a new life. Thank you for choosing this as your guide. Hope the India soon will become a developed country. Save Farmers!

Jai Hind.

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